Monday, 9 May 2011

# 7 Teacher's day card

 Teacher's day is coming soon and so my lil' girl did these cards for her kindergarten teachers.  All was decorated and drawn by her.  I thought of guiding her to do a nicer card, but she want her own way and I let her in charge this time.  Well, it turns out to be quite cute and unexpected with the lil' curly hair girl and ice cream LOL.  Teacher Rosa is her class teacher and she is teaching her English.

As for this card, the Love shape was designed by myself and the rest are by lil' girl.  Of course I did add in some colors on the cartoon girl to look more outstanding.  Teacher Tharini was her class teacher last year.

This was fully done by my lil' girl without my help at all.  My lil' girl is quite mature and have her own thinking.. and want to do her own way.  So this is for her Teacher Ken. He's a handsome guy and of course, married with a baby now :)

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

# 6 Ferris Wheel

My new toy.. Ferris lovely!!!  This is my first time doing this ferris wheel and I need to practice to really do it by myself. This is done mostly by Carrine :)  She's an expert in this and her art work is so good! You need lots of patience to do this and lot of thinking too. 

You need approximately 2 full days to get this done.  All needs to be double :) unless you use different material, maybe just thick cardboards.

Here's the measurement:
  1. Base 15.5cm x 24cm
  2. Round 15cm diameter
  3. X of wheels 35cm x 5cm
  4. Holder for cable car - 15cm
  5. Cylinder for cable car - 10cm
  6. Cylinder holder for the centre 15.5cm
  7. Cable car - 3.5cm x 5cm x 4cm
  8. String - measure before paste