Sunday, 31 July 2011

# 9 Drawing: Baby and I, Mom and Dad

Drawing by my lil' girl of herself with her brother, and Mom & Dad.  This is so cute especially the brother's picture LOL.  I'm always happy to see her drawings and misses her so much now!!  Love her so much, so much, so much

Saturday, 30 July 2011

# 8 Butterfly

 Done by myself with my lil' boy

 Done by KY, my lil' nephew with my help

This was done quite some time ago, but I was too busy to post this since I've to relocate. 

So it started with of the Saturday morning, my lil' boy and KY was very free.  I asked them whether they want to do some crafts.  Both of them, age 2+ and 4,  said yes and so we started with this little project.  My lil' boy likes to sing the song of 'Butterfly butterfly happy all day...' from Barney and we decided to make a butterfly!!

Materials are toilet paper roll, color papers, strings and magic color.  That's all you need :)

1) Firstly fold the color paper into half and cut the shape of a butterfly wings (so both wings will be equally same)
2) Still in the folded manner, punch 2 holes so that you may slot in the string later to tie it to the body (toilet rolls)
3) Paste some color paper patterns on top of the wings to beautify it.  (For this, I asked both of them to tear the color paper into pieces and glue them on the wings. 
4) For the butterfly body, just take a white paper and cut out a rectangular shape (measure roughly on the toilet paper roll)
5) Glue the white paper on the toilet paper roll
6) Draw the eyes, nose and mouth
7) Take your string and put through the butterfly wings to tie with the toilet paper roll

Happy crafting!

Thursday, 21 July 2011

On Hiatus

As some of you might know that I've moved from one country to another, so I'll be quite busy with the new environment, new people, new house, etc etc etc.  I've to take a break till I've settled down.  I'll definitely be back  :)