Monday, 5 September 2011

# 12 Paper Quilling

First attempt - myself with my lil' girl

She said this is a door hanger :)

Door hanger done by myself

This is done by lil' girl

Our very first attempt with paper quilling..and it's fun!   My lil' girl and myself attended this Parenthots event and did the first paper quilling together.  She wanted to add a paper on top of the card as she said it's a door hanger.. very creative, I never thought of it :)  The next two cards at the bottom was done at home.  She did her own cards and it is very nice.

# 11 For Teacher Tiffany

This is specially drawn and colored by my lil' girl for her musikgarten teacher, Teacher Tiffany.  This is so cute.  I love the facial expression :)  Lil' girl enjoys arts and crafts very much

# 10 Caterpillar

Caterpillar done by my lil' girl, all by herself, using egg carton, color paper and water color.  It's an easy craft and so just let her be the teacher for the day :)