Friday, 30 May 2014

# 20 Paper Flower

Little darling wanted to make a paper flower.  So we did this project together. 

What you need:
2 Green color paper - 1 for the stalk and 1 for the leaf
1 Pink color paper

 1) Roll the green paper from the edge (either with a brush like above picture, or just roll it) and glue the end of the edge to form the flower stalk.
2) Draw some leaf shape and cut them out.
3) Slot it in between the rolled stalk.


4) Draw a spiral and cut it out
5) Draw a love shape and cut it out  (Fold the paper so that you may cut many love shapes)
6) Fold the spiral from the outer side till the inner to make a rose bud
7) Stick the love shape on the side continuously to form the flower
8) Finally stick the flower to the stalk (you may use cellophane tape to tape it if it doesn't hold well)

Well with this paper flower, you can also do something like this in a recycle plastic (that holds strawberries / fruits)

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