Monday, 3 November 2014

# 23 Sketch of my little darling

I've been very very busy with work .. don't have that privilege to blog.  I've not been posting anything recently ..but feel like posting this now.

My little darling ..
she is always my darling!   Recently in October, I was travelling alone to take a bus from Singapore to Mersing, Tioman. When I dig in to my bag, I saw a piece of paper.. I called it a love letter from my darling.  She is just so lovely.. she always have the habit to write me little little notes and love messages, which I always fall in love with.  I can tell you that I've not been receiving love letters for a long time.. it's only replaced by my little darling now that I would get such love letters :)  LOL

am so blessed! .. can i ask for more? hahahaha.. a flower, a cheese cake too? LOL
Just one love letter from her.... made me cry during the journey...cos she touched my heart.

Maybe I was not happy .. cos nobody buy me cheesecake in Singapore!!  NO flowers, NO cheesecake, NO romantic dinner, NO presents.. not even one of this.  Totally disappointed and cried in my heart.. Anyway, am still waiting for it

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