Sunday, 20 March 2011

# 4 Card from wrappers

Long long time ago, there's an event we have to organise and we've got to think creatively to use whatever we have to do all these crafts.  So our friend have some wrappers that was used to wrap her flowers and with that, we did this recycle card here.
What you need is 2 plastic/paper wrappers (2 different color), ribbons, foils or transparent hard cover, puncher & scissors. 

There's 3 ply here.  The first was a transparent wrapper with love shape on it. Second was the foil/transparent hard cover and finally the third was a color wrapper.  Cut all the pieces into a rectangle shape and punch holes at the top.  Put on a ribbon through the 2 holes and tie them into a ribbon. Then just simply punch other holes as you like as a design on the card.

Finally, you can use a marker or ball pen to write on the foil/transparent hard cover.  Just lovely! You can do your part to recycle items that you do not need and create something special and lovely for your friends.

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