Tuesday, 1 March 2011


"Selamat datang" to my little lovely arts & crafts blog :)   I'm so happy that I've finally created this blog.  I've wanted to do so for quite some time already, but I was thinking and thinking and thinking about it.  Well, at last I did it!!  I hope to have this little diary to record down the arts & crafts made by my little girl and/or myself :)  and at the same time, to share ideas with friends out there too.  Am also hoping to get some ideas from other blogs/web to create more exciting and nice crafts.

Arts & crafts are fun to do.  It's good to let your kids to learn arts & crafts.  Kids will be more imaginative, creative, patience, etc etc etc ^ v ^

I'm not an expert nor a teacher in arts & crafts, but I think everyone can do so with their own imagination and creativity mind. Every time I look at the arts & crafts or decorations done, I always feel so eager to learn and do the same thing as what they have done.  It really takes my breath away at times! Such wonderful masterpiece! 

Wish me luck :)


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